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2013 2013 Oakville Winery Zinfandel

2013 Zinfandel


Only $25 for an Oakville appellation red wine?? Yep, this may be the only one in existence! Zin lovers are surely equally amazed - yes, the Pelissa family (of Ghost Block fame) does indeed have a few acres of prime Oakville property to grow its beloved Zinfandel instead of Cabernet. How rare is this? Well, of the approximately 2800 planted acres in Oakville (including famed Cabernet vineyards like To Kalon, Martha's Vineyard, Tench, Sullenger, etc), how many are currently planted with Zinfandel?

....ready for the answer?......less than TEN acres!

Finding a "Napa Valley" red wine for $25 can be damn near impossible. But a $25 Oakville, Napa Valley wine is unheard of, and will certainly result in it being one of our best selling wines ever.

Oakville Winery

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